17 Moisturizing Conditioners for Hair Extensions under N2,500

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Soooooo, you’ve read on moisturizing shampoos to slay your hair extensions under N2,000

Now, it’s time for my favorite part —>CONDITIONER!!!

I love conditioners so much, they literally give your hair that oomph and you now after every shampoo, you ought to condition DUH!!!

Conditioners are little pricier than shampoos in general but I’ve got your backs as usual!

Affordable conditioners to slay your weaves/wigs available in Nigeria are as follows:

  • Alberto vo5 Moisture Milks N1,200: Strawberries and Cream is an absolute fave!!! Leaves my hair feeling amazing, you guys already know how much I love this conditioner! Excellent pre-poo/cowash savior. You can find v05 conditioners at pharmacies or beauty shops across Nigeria and if you can’t, you can get it here.
hair extensions 78
Moisture provider!!!


Credit: Amazon UK

  • Alberto vo5 Herbal Escapes: This range is also super affordable and highly accessible. Smells like heaven sigh
hair extensions 79
Smells like heaven

Credit: Google

  • Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Moisturizing Conditioner N, 2500 : Hair extensions slayer, also excellent for prepoo/cowash!!! No epistle, this conditioner is a staple!!!
hair extensions 80
Hair extensions slayer

Credit: Google

  • Hawaiian Silky Moroccan Oil Hydrating Sleek Conditioner N1,800 : Like its shampoo, this conditioner delivers.
hair extensions 81
sleeky sleeky

Credit: Amazon UK

  • Suave Professionals Natural Infusion with Macadamia oil and White Orchid N1,600: Dry hair extensions? Suave Naturals is the answer, you won’t regret it! Get it here
hair extensions 83
I love this Conditioner

Credit: Walmart

  • Suave Daily Clarifying Conditioner N2,300: Another fave, want soft locks? You need to clarify your hair extensions like your natural hair and Suave created this conditioner just for that!!! Get it here
hair extensions 1222
clarifier of life

Credit: Allure NG

  • Macadamia Oil Extract Conditioner N1,300: Rehydrates and moisturizes your hair extensions while making your locks softer! Get it here
hair extensions slayer
Locks in moisture

Credit: Konga

  • Beauty Formulas Nourishing Coconut Milk Conditioner N1,120: Nourishes, moisturizes and conditions your hair extensions!! Trust me you need this!! Get it on Jumia NG
hair extensions 67
It does what it says!

Credit: Google

  • L’oreal Paris Elvive Fibralogy Thickening Conditioner N2,500: Yo Yo revamps your hair extensions and hair like whoaaaa. You can find it here
    hair extensions 76
    Hair Thickener of life

    Credit: Sizzelle


  • John Frieda Frizz Ease Smooth Start Conditioner N1,450: This light weight conditioner moisturizes your hair extensions! This conditioner is a steal for this price yo! Cop it here
hair extensions 102
Frizz killer

Credit: Google

  • Xpel Revitalising Coconut Water Hydrating Conditioner N1,100: This conditioner does what it says! I not only use this on natural hair but also on my weaves!!
hair extension 899
Coco baby

Credit: Google

  • Palmolive Naturals Milk and Honey Conditioner N840: I love this conditioner so much, it’s simply amazing no long story!!! Available in your neighborhood beauty stores and pharmacies.
hair extensions h1
Milk and Honey conditioner for the weave gods

Credit: Amazon UK

For Vibrant color

  • Palmolive Brilliant Color Conditioner N900: Revive your colored hair extensions with this fave!! I love the newly released packaging. It smells like fruit and I love it.
hair extensions 3568

Credit: Amazon

  • John Frieda Brilliant Brunette Multi-tone Revealing Moisturising Conditioner N1,450: Want your colored and highlighted hair extensions to pop? Then you need this super conditioner! Get it here
hair extensionssssss
John Freida of life

Credit: Google

  • Avon Advance Techniques Color Protection Conditioner N1,450: Protect your colored locks with this conditioner
hair extensions hgoijilo

Credit: Google

For Deep Conditioning-

  • Olive Oil Replenishing Conditioner N1,540: This super saver takes your dried hair extensions to super star status haha I’m so dramatic but yea I recommend deep conditioning your weave/wig once or twice a month.
hair extensions uguyfykfrk
Hair slayer the end

Credit: Google

  • Organics by Africa’s Best Hair Mayonnaise N2,000: Restores your hair extensions’ strength and elasticity!!! Love this x
hair extensions 988
Treatment king!!

Credit: Sizzelle

Don’t forget to air dry your hair extensions instead of direct heat from blow dryers

Reduced heat promotes the longevity of your weaves/wigs

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Flips weave hehe,

Lew x



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