31 Nuggets by Lew

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Hey guys!!!

The 21st of June is the most important day of the year ya now cause it’s LEWDAY!

Turning 31 has been nothing short of amazing but I’m not going to pretend like I haven’t had ups, downs and in-betweens.


This time, last year, I was miserable because life as I knew it wasn’t panning out the way I planned, but all things work for those who trust in him and work hard! I believe the saying- He doesn’t give us more than we can carry or something along that line.

Anyho here are 31 life nuggets by Lew-  things I have learned in my THIRTY ONE YEARS on earth, in no particular order:


  • God is real! – Fam, I can’t tell you how many times, He has come through for me! He shows himself EVERY DAY and I KNOW HE LOVES ME!!!!

Photo credit: Serah

  • Set the tone of your day by starting it with God – My mummy used to drill this in my ears and I would be so upset as I felt she was just saying it for the sake of it but over the years, I have realized that whenever I start my day with prayer or praise, it goes smoothly. There’s just something about talking to God that makes everything alright!


  • Family might be annoying but they are your family – We might annoy each other but the fact remains that we are blood and no one is going anywhere so yea!
  • Show your parents love- I miss my mummy everyday and I struggle with keeping in touch with my Daddy but guess what? He is the only surviving parent I have and I need to show him I care RIGHT NOW not when he is old and frail! Love you daddy!
  • Your friends can also be your family – Yep yep yep!


  • “No new friends” is a silly statement – I used to be a big believer in carrying old friendships on my head, “oh I’ve known so and so for so many years” “I don’t need new friends”, but guess what I’ve learned? Those who have supported me the most are people I haven’t known that long. My new friend Serah, *who is an amazing blogger/photographer took some shots of me in Shinjuku, Tokyo so if I was forming, no new friends, I wouldn’t have been able to share these beautiful shots with you guys! So cheers to making new friendships!

Photo Credit: Serah

  • Some friendships die – Not all friendships are meant to last forever, sometimes God puts some people in your life for a season and that’s okay. My best friends and I from Secondary School don’t talk anymore and that’s fine, we were in each other’s life when it was essential. Let it go and stop holding on to dead friendships!
  • Treat others how you’d like to be treated – I go ham for my circle and vice versa! If you want me to go out of my way for you then you have to do the same, this is not a game abeg. Don’t treat me like spoiled beans and expect me to treat you like freshly fried plantain, no boo!
  • Surround yourself with people who believe in you – UHUH very important!


  • Life is too short for wack sex – Comman beat me, I AM IN TOKYO CHOPPING LIFE!
  • It’s okay to be single – I can’t believe I am finally admitting that I haven’t been in a serious relationship since 2011 wawu that’s 7 years, have I met guys? Yep, have I been curved?, yep, have I curved some? Yep! Right now, I’m living my best life and if an amazing man comes along, all well and good and if he doesn’t, all well and good too!
  • DON’T SETTLE– Girl, it’s okay to have standards. I have heard it countless times “ you need to come down from your pedestal” “your standards are too high” “what do you mean, you only want a man who cooks?” “you think you’re the only fine girl, you’ll die single o” “just get married, it’ll be okay” “abi you don’t want to marry a Nigerian man ni” “hmm all this your shakara will end once you marry oh” “you’re not getting any younger” erm thanks but no thanks, it’s not that serious, face your life boo x

Photo credit: Serah


  • Be your own cheerleader – It’s not every time you need a pep talk from your friends, family and lovers! Sometimes, man up and cheer yourself, you’ve got this boo!
  • It’s okay to cry! – No one told me being an adult would be this hard and sometimes, I want to pull my hair out but guess what? I cry and wash my hair when I’m stressed but what I have learned is after crying, I must wipe my tears and MAN UP! Life happens, deal with it!
  • Chase your dreams! – Look, when I decided to move to Tokyo alone, I sold my car and ¾ of my closet, I knew it was going to cost me a lot besides the life I wanted, Nigeria wasn’t going to give it to me so I decided to grab life by the horns and I went with it! THIS WAS THE BEST DECISION EVER! I AM LIVING MY DREAM AND I AM HAPPY!

Photo Credit: Serah

Palazoo by Zlnmore

  • No one owes you anything – I learned the hard way, no one owes you shit darling, get your shit, WORK HARDDDD and rock on!
  • Learn to appreciate people and apologize when you’re wrong- Say thank you when someone does something for you and say sorry when you wrong someone, do you know how many wars could’ve been resolved by simply saying “I’m sorry”?


  • Girl, you better save! – I was guilty of spending all my money on clothes, bags and FOOD but I knew I had to make a change when I realized most of my money was hanging in my closet sigh my brother advised me to spend 30% and save 70% of my income chei this adulthood is tough sha
  • THERE’S NOTHING LIKE MAKING YOUR OWN MONEY – Hellur where ma independent ladies at?

Photo: Serah


  • Mental health is important! – See eh this life is a bowl of soup and to avoid staying inside the bowl of soup, your sanity is important oh I almost ran mad after losing my mum then life just started dishing me blows left, right and center, last year sigh and I knew I needed help so I got help so please get help, there’s no pride in dealing with pain alone, trust me, I’ve been there!

Photo Credit: Serah

  • Go for a health screening every 6 months! – I know God is awesome and all that good stuff but you still need to see a Doctor to make sure everything is popping. As women, we have a lot of things creeping up in our bodies and early detection is the key, I remember telling one of my friends to get a pap smear and she was looking at me like I asked her to give me all her money uhm cervical cancer etc could be cured if detected early!
  • Eat healthy! – Junk food is sweet and I’m guilty of over indulging but if you want to look and feel yummy, your diet has to be on point!
  • Take the stairs or Get your Moses on! – If you’re like me who dislikes the gym thennnnn girl, it’s time to ditch the lift for the stairs AND oh WALK WALK WALK WALK WALKING IN THE LIGHT, WALKING IN THE LIGHT OF GOD! I love walking cause I can reflect on life, talk to myself, sing and cry to God while burning calories!
  • Drink water! – Lemon water, infused water, tea oh water oh sha drink water, stay hydrated!


  • Use a mirror – That outfit might be popping in your mind’s mind but when you use a mirror, you see the truth! Boo, not every outfit works for every body type ya know!
  • The whole world doesn’t need to know you have a closure/frontal installed – Girl, go on youtube, slay your wig or weave or better still, allow me- hey @zlhairxs
  • Cop a Designer Bag or 2 – LOL don’t stone me abeg allow me BRIT!
  • Sunscreen! Sunscreen! Sunscreen! – I never believed in it until I started dealing with terrible sun burn, I’m still dealing with it sef but imagine if I had started using sunscreen in my 20s, by now I wouldn’t have been struggling with this *slaps on Vitamin C Serum & Biore Sunscreen*
  • Embark on your hair and skin regimen – Stick to it! Your hair and skin would thank you for it!


  • See the world! – The world is a beautiful place, exploring new cultures and places exposes you to so much more! Nigerians, there are other countries apart from US, UK and France ya know! Explore, explore, explore! Below is a picture of me at the Le Jardin Majorelle in Marrakesh,  Morocco!

  • Bonus – BE KIND AND SMILE!
  • OH AND ADD JAPAN TO YOUR BUCKET LIST MEYNEEEEEEEEE that’s all I can say! you need to experience this beauty for yourself!

Yay, hope you guys enjoyed reading 31 nuggets by Lew!

Thank you for reading and don’t forget to subscribe!

One love,

Lew, 31 hehe x


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