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Nigerian girl blogging about her loves- Hair, Food, Fashion and everything in between! Email: info@zaynelane.com x

Wash Day 7

Hey guys, Hello new week! Hello website goodbye blog! Growth! Still working on it! It was my birthday on Tuesday the 21st! Thankful for life and all that good stuff! My birthday tradition has pretty much the same every year ...

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Wash Day 5!

Hey ladies, I know its been forever! I’m sorry for the silence BUT YEAH I CUT MY HAIRRRRRRRRR!!! OK I chopped off my relaxed ends so yea Just have some left to chop off (front hair) but yea I love ...

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Wash Day 4

One of the amazing things about living in Nigeria *drum roll* HOLIDAYS!!! Shout out to my Nation yo! Well appreciated and needed! The weekend was liveeeeeeeeeeee! Lemme jump right into my wash day tales! Usually, wash day for me falls ...

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Wash Day 3

Bonjour!! Last week was a tough one but guess who is back on top like she never left? If you follow me on IG..seriously, you’re still not following me? OK I’ll pause for you to do so now it’s @zaynelane ...

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Did you know?

Hi *waves*, Epic weekend wasn’t it? It was so nice to just kick back and relax! NEPA ugh Power Holding Company of Nigeria, PLEASE CAN YOU GUYS STOP HOARDING OUR LIGHT? UGHHHHH it is 2016 yet we are still hustling ...

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