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My Hair Story pt.2

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Hey everyone,

The weekend flew by oh well, thank you to everyone who took out time to visit my blog, much love 🙂

Here is the concluding part of my hair story.

Sooooooooo in 2012, I decided to grow out my hair yet again and level it so it could grow forreal le struggle and I stopped relaxing my hair later in the year cause I wanted to try the natural life…1-2012.jpg

I had an amazzzzzzzzzzzing afro in 2013, I remember going out with long hair and returning with short hair and my sister was so shocked but my Daddy called me an African queen hehe I ate right, exercised everyday and my skin was popping *peep my glow*Nov 2013.jpg

Hmm the natural life wasn’t an easy/cheap venture.. for me at least..as I was buying hair products like no man’s business. To get my hair to be manageable, I had to wash it every other day- (co washing ie using a conditioner in place of a shampoo to wash my hair) SHOUT OUT TO POUND LAND as they were my go to store for conditioner and still my bank account was crying, I had to kiss weaves goodbye for a while (I will talk about this further in an upcoming post), no more natural looking weaves, had to constantly braid my hair, sometimes I just wanted to leave it out but it was overwhelming and by May 2014, I had welcomed creamy crack with open arms ugh same shoulder length/flat hair *side eye* May 2014.jpg

I missed my 4c hair but I had bone straight hair and I was frustrated yet again. Alas! after countless hair blogs (thanks guys), I found out about “Texlaxing” where I could have the best of both worlds by under processing my hair with regular relaxer+natural oils (SHOUT OUT TO Coconut Oil and Almond Oil for being my constant saviors) so I could get the texture I craved and the length I wanted in a healthier form win win so I became texlaxed by December 2014. I researched and tried out different products until I found what worked for me and this revelation changed my hair life FOREVERRRRRRR!! I also said bye to weaves foreverrrrrrr (yes forever) I was over that life and embraced the wig life wholeheartedly (I make wigs for sale too). Phew 2014 was a challenging hair year for me as I went from natural to relaxed to texlaxed.dec 2014.jpg

By 2015, I followed a strict hair regimen- washing my hair weekly, YES I WASH MY HAIR EVERY SATURDAY (complete with deep+protein conditioning), wigging at every opportunity and texlaxing once a year (I KNOW), trimming only when necessary, exercising, drinking 5 Litres of water daily (thanks Khloe Kardashian for the tip) and maintaining a healthy diet.June 2015.jpg

2016 hmm I am texlaxed and I love it. I still have some relaxed ends that I will continue to trim until I am fully texlaxed. I want to increase my texlaxing to twice this year cause I’m tired of battling split ends. Dealing with two-textured hair is a lot of work but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

I am so excited for the new protective styles I plan on trying this year!Jan 2016.JPG

So I have been relaxed, natural, back to relaxed then texlaxed but I think I am going to stick to this texture cause I love the healthy thickness and my new found length 🙂 With the right diet and regimen, anyone can grow beautiful hair, so save your edges, moisturize moisturize and moisturize. One thing I learned about hair growth is the importance of water, – wash your hair/avoid product build up and drink a lot of water! Trust me, it helps!

I would love to read your hair stories, please share and thank you so much for reading.

Tea, Kisses and Love,

Lew x

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