Hair I go, Hair I go!

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“A woman who changes her hair is about to change her life” – Coco Chanel.

I heard you clearly Lady Coco Chanel!


Some of you already know, but for those who don’t, I CUT MY HURR!


Yes I did!

I was tired of spending my precious money and time on products and wash days -_-

I was exhausted.

Besides, juggling my 3 businesses- clothing line, hair extensions line and making healthy products/blogging was driving me nuts.

I was starting to lose it and I needed help!

I needed clarity!

Honestly, I never thought I would cut or even color it again.

Well, I thought wrong!

I started off with a trim in June (story for another time) as my texlaxed ends were being disobedient – felt like new relaxed ends were springing up every time, despite regular trims ugh.

hair 1
Bed head on the left haha ignore those particles…

Then July came, went to the salon to chop off all my texlaxed ends so yay ‘fro!

hair 2
Fro love! outfit by me x

I still wasn’t satisfied!

I was telling a friend I wanted to shave my head jokingly then he dropped his Barber’s details (you know how men are with their Barber(s).

Gave the Barber a call..booked an appointment and next thing I know I’m in his chair with his clipper!

hair 3
Coco waves activated! I love it! Outfit by me again!

Then I colored it burgundy…

hair 4
Ayyyy swagu on a’ undred! Ankara pants by me too x

I got tired of it..then I colored it to a brownish red or something!

hair 5
Outfit by me again! whoop lookaway baby

Now I don’t even know the color as some parts are black, brown and blonde.

This is how my hair looks currently…

hair 6

Do I love it or do I love it?


I love going to sleep and waking up with nothing on my head!

Sometimes, I co-wash sometimes I don’t haha

Sometimes, I just rinse my hair, shower and off I go!


My intention wasn’t to go natural AHEM but somehow my hair is natural right now but I’m not sworn off texlaxed hair!

Besides, growing my hair from scratch provides the opportunity to start my healthy hair journey afresh and I am so excited about that!

Follow me as I embark on this journey and I hope I don’t get tired anytime soon!

Love, short hair and kinks,

Lew x


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