Hair Product Haul March 2017

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Hey guys,

Introducing…Hair Product Haul, where I show you guys what hair products I’ve bought and I’m currently loving monthly or whenever I buy anything -_-

As a hair junkie, I love going to hair product stores, it’s my own idea of fun!

Browsing through products, reading ingredient lists, purchasing new hair products excites me!

I know I have already failed some part of my hairesolutions – buy Nigeria/ made in Nigeria products well it’s not totally my fault, some of these products are not readily accessible and the prices threw me off (I know production in Nigeria is expensive as I make some of my products like Zaynelane Natural Oil and Spray mixes, so I’m not going to argue.

Below are some of the products I have gotten this month:

  • Petals Instant Conditioner – I got tired of spending $$$ on hair products so I decided to cut down but I needed a cheap MOISTURIZING alternative. Say hello to my prepoo and cowash conditioner! I’m so excited cause it’s made in Nigeria and I LOVE THE SIZE! Got this before, loved it then went back to buy 2 more to avoid stories that touch when they’re no longer in stock. Each 2 Liter bottle costs N350 and it leaves my hair extra soft after every wash.
  • Queen Helene Hair Fruits Conditioner – This cost N400 hiss, used it once and it’s gone half way! See why I love my Petals Instant Conditioner!!
hair product haul 1
Prepoo and Co-wash slayers!!!
  • Everymums Coconut Oil – Everyone needs coconut oil to slay life! I use it to cook, make body and lip scrubs and a million and one other things! This is a staple not just for my healthy hair journey but my life! It retails for N3,000, contact her for yours!
product haul march 2
Coconut oil is life! it’s a life saver, trust me you need this!!!
  • Creme of Nature Coconut Milk Leave-in Conditioner – I’m so excited about this product cause I’ve been waiting to lay my strands on it hehe then I walk into this store randomly and I see it staring at me, it was love at first sight! I hope it lives up to it’s predecessor, Creme of Nature Argan Oil Strength and Shine! I love that product and I hope my hair loves this too! Cost me N1,790.
hair product haul 3
Yay Creme of Natureeeeeee Coconut milk!!!

Texture my way Curl Keeper Moisturizing Hair Lotion – When I went natural in 2012, Texture my way range was my bestie! I love it so much, purchased at O’Naturals Salon but once day, I went there and it was no more sold there -_- so I moved on. Imagine my joy when I went to buy toiletries and I saw this lotion, I wanted to buy each and every bottle in the store but I didn’t have enough money besides it wasn’t on my budget but I AM GOING BACK FOR MOREEEEEE!! My first love! I love most of their range, it cost N1,500.

hair product haul 4
Texture my way! yay oldie but goodieeeeeeeee
  • Kanechom Abacate – I could write a series of posts on my love for Kanechom moisturizing conditioners but I will keep it simple this time! I didn’t buy this tho, my friend bought it and brought it from America from me, I was so happy when he handed it over! I prayed for his future wife and entire generation! Kanechom is the ish!!! My hair’s soul mate!
hair product hairl 2017

That’s all on my mini hair product haul for this month or I think -_-

I hope you enjoyed reading 🙂

What hair products have you bought recently?

Please share and don’t forget to follow me on instagram @zaynelane

Have an amazing weekend guys,

Tea, kisses and love,

Lew x


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