Introducing…Lew’s Hair Update!

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Hey guys,

I have been getting emails about sharing my regimen – products and styling.

Soooo I listened!!!

Starting today, I will be writing a new segment- Lew’s Hair Update– sharing what products I use, why I use them as well as my chosen protective style.

I have no problem sharing this info however what works for my hair might not necessarily work for someone else’s hair, which is why I always stress the importance of knowing exactly what you put in your hair.

Study ingredient lists and how your hair reacts to products.

Lew’s Hair Update would serve as a go-to guideline on how to care for your own hair.

I know I have not been consistent with posting but I am working on multiple posts so expect new posts 🙂

I would like to thank everyone who visits this site, emails, follows me on instagram etc, thanks for reading what this hair junkie has to say, I really do appreciate it.

Hair we go!

Last night’s routine

I tied my silk scarf to bed and that was it, well I moisturized earlier in the day with a Keracare Leave-in Conditioner so didn’t need to repeat at night besides my hair was still popping.

Lew's Hair Update 1
Excellent for coarse hair!

Today’s routine

Aha! this morning, I used an Oil Moisturizer from Keracare containing water, jojoba oil, sunflower seed oil, sesame seed oil and other nutritious ingredients for healthy hair.

Lew's Hair Update ii
I love this oil moisturizer!!!

I love this product cause it is creamy (my hair is coarse and creamy products are a must for coarse hair, thank me later).

As a result, leaving my hair well moisturized (by now you know your hair needs to be hydrated to avoid breakage) with natural shine, so I didn’t need to use an oil to seal (excess use of product and would weigh my hair down).

I used my Mizani edge taming gel on saturday and since then my edges have been on fleek, they have been so obedient, this product is simply amazing.

Lew hair update iii
Moisturizing edge slayer!!

I am not a big fan of edge control or gel or anything like that but I really like this one.

It is also mineral oil and petrolatum free!!

Win win win!!!

Lew hair update iv
Look at that volume!

This was how it looked after I moisturized!

Lew hair update v
My happy just makes me so happy!

It felt soft too!

Lew hair update vi
Shine baby shine

Hope you enjoyed my first update!

Catch you guys tomorrow.

Tea, Love and Kisses,

Lew x



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