Lew’s Hair Update – Tuesday 19th July 2016!

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Terrific Tuesday it is!

Welcome to the Day 2 of Lew’s Hair Update.

Last night’s routine

I was too lazy to do anything to my hair -_-

Slept with my silk pillow and that was it, I didn’t moisturize and I woke up to dry ends *sigh*.

Please moisturize daily, dealing with dry hair is one of the worst things during a healthy hair journey.

Today’s routine

The texlaxed hair/low porosity struggle!

Oh well this is how my hair looked this morning

In my defense, I did use a silk pillow -_-

Lew's hair Update 2i
                                        Dry ends..the texlaxed hustle

Styled my hair with Keracare Conditioning Creme Hairdress, Zaynelane Spraymix Aloe vera special and Zaynelane Oil mix.

My Keracare Conditioning Creme Hairdress was used as my moisturizer however it has light conditioning properties so if you need something rich and ultra conditioning then this product isn’t for you but it is great for sheen.

I like how this product made my hair feel though when I need a deep moisturizing product, I use something else. It does not contain mineral oil like its predecessor which is a win win for me, go Keracare!

Massaged a tiny amount through my scalp and hair, concentrating on my dry ends while finger detangling then I proceeded with my Zaynelane Spraymix Aloe Vera special as I needed more moisture.

This spraymix does wonderful things to my hair, when I don’t feel like stressing with products, I just spray this Aloe Vera Spraymix and move along.

Aloe Vera not only cleanses and nourishes hair but promotes moisture, shine and hair growth- *someone say hair goals*. This spraymix is not yet available for sale yet but will let you guys know once it is.

It contains Jojoba oil, Grape seed oil and other moisturizing ingredients for textured hair.

Lew's hair update 2ii
                                     Moisture Trio for the Day

Sealed in the moisture from the products used with Zaynelane Natural Oil mix, my go-to oil, not only do I use it as a sealant but I use it as part of my pre-poo, hot oil treatment and I use it on my skin too..Go Zaynelane! It will be available for sale next month (Anticipate!).

I love buns, one of my favorite protective styles- easy, saves time and suits everyone!

Lew's hair Update 2iii
                                            Check out my bun yo!

Felt great cause my hair felt and looked great!

Got countless compliments too hehe!

Lew hair update 2iiii
                                Zaynelane Natural oil mix on the edges!

That’s a wrap for Lew’s Hair Update for today 🙂 🙂 🙂

Don’t forget to moisturize, seal and repeat.







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