Self Haircare Wash Day!

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I have nothing to say but thank you and I’m so sorry for being MIA.

Your girl has been adulting and it’s been kicking meeee :'(

I’m not going to talk to much, but I will shock you guys eh

I have so much gist for you guys!

Let me start by introducing you guys to my current hair game.

I know corona has everyone down, but that doesn’t mean your hair has to suffer baby.

Let’s get into self haircare wash day….

First I took out my plaits with water and conditioner to combat dryness and promote manageability.

Pre-poo Agents.

I’m over pre-pooing, it takes so much time and I’m no longer about that life, but then I started combining my pre-poo with the regular shampoos and it elevated my shampoo game.

This Tresemme Botanique Damage Recovery Conditioner is all that and more, I love how soft it makes my hair feel and best of all, it contains 0 parabens or sulfates!

Finger Detangling as I went!

Plaits out!

Just had to show you guys the back, cause I’m generous like that 🙂

Back view!

Once I was done taking my plaits out, I rinsed with lukewarm water then applied some Maui Moisture Heal and Hydrate Shea Butter Shampoo, one of my hair faves!

Shampoo bae!

Then time to towel dry, oh I stopped using old t-shirts to dry my hair, cause they weren’t as absorbent as micro-fibre towels, been doing this for two years or so and no complaints whatsoever!

Wrap it up!

I decided to clarify my hair today, it’s been a while besides I wanted my hair and scalp to be CLEAN CLEAN!

I usually do this once a month, as it helps my curls abi coils super popping!

It’s messy oh, which is why I dread it, but the hair wants what the hair wants *insert crying emoji*

Clay on its own is super drying, as it draws out impurities, opens pores and all that good stuff, but at the same time moisture stripping 🙁

I tried adding some conditioner and oil, voila problem solved!

Power of 4!

This Aztec Indian Clay is really a healing clay oh it is multipurpose abeg, sometimes I use it on my face or underarms (gist for another day).

Mixed some Clay with Apple Cider Vinegar to increase circulation, disinfect scalp and clear buildup.

Clay and ACV!

After the paste was done, added some conditioner and Virgin Coconut oil for moisture and shine!

Mix that baby like your life depends on it hehe

Add some conditioner and oil for of choice.

Apply to damp hair!

Be over generous with it, plaster it, massageeeeeeeeeeeeee the clay mix, your hair deserves it!

Drench from root to tip!

Check out my coils/curls popping already ayyyyyyyy!

Follow with clin film and a conditioning cap (I have neither, so this old reliable pashmina will do!

Deep condition!

Deep condition that baby!

After about 35 minutes, I was ready to rinseeeeeeeee!

I rinsed and rinsed and rinsed till I rinsed no more!

After rinsing in the shower, Oya now time to detangle with instant conditioner again *Tresemme Botanique to the rescue*

I detangled and detangled ehhh, before rinsing with lukewarm then cold water.

Towel Dry!

My hair was so soft ayyyyy I wish I could leave it like this sigh *shrinkage* sha!

Yes, clean hair game on 100!

My fave part of wash day!

I stopped doing LCO abi LOC as kolewerk, noticed my hair was dry the following day after wash day, so I tried coating my hair with oil then cream or lotion before sealing off with a thicker oil and IT WORKEDDDDDD!

Since then ah that was it oh!

Moisturizers and sealants for the day!

On this faithful day, I used my fave Mane Choice Restorative Spray ayyyy La Tourangelle Pistachio Oil then Dark and Lovely Plaiting Pudding cream, then sealed with Castor Oil.

Let me just inform you guys that ever since I discovered this oil-cream-oil layering method, ah my hair game switcheddddddddddddd! WHAT?! spread the good news abeg!

I usually don’t re-moisturize and seal till day 3/4 after wash day *YASSSSS*

Braided up!

Please ignore the white residue in my hair, I tried mixing this hair pudding with another hair lotion sigh, hence clumps and I wasn’t about to start fighting with my hair after this long self haircare wash day!

Hair lost at the end of ze day!

With detangling comes hair loss, it is perfectly normal boo, shows that dead hair has left the building lol!

Wash day was a blast and then some!

How’s your hair care regimen going, thanks to covid?

I’m dying to know!

Thank you for seriously taking out time to read this post!

My camera was misbehaving hence the almost dark/blurred images, let’s hope she behaves next time 🙂

I’ve been away for a looooooooooong time, BUT I’m back and I ain’t going nowhere *In Jesus name*

I am gunning for three posts weekly, I’m tryinggggggggggggggg!

I’m bringing you skincare and haircare goodness cause I love you all!

Thanks again for riding with meeeeeeeeee!

Are you following me on instagram?

Do the needful and let me know how you guys clarify your hair.

I still remain your reliable hair plug hehe,


Lew x

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