Hydrate Spraymix


Hydrate spray mix moisturizes, nourishes scalp, combats brittle hair while adding strength to hair.

Comes in 2 sizes- 500 ml costs N1,500 and 250 ml costs N900.

100 in stock


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Moisturizing your hair in a protective style is a CHORE but you need to do it.

Moisture has so many benefits for hair- improves elasticity, circulation, cleanses scalp and nourishes scalp/ hair hence healthy hair.

Water as we all know is very essential for hair health but it is not enough to moisturize your hair, a daily moisturizer is required!

Zaynelane Spraymix contains natural ingredients like distilled water, zaynelane specilly formulated moisturizers, glycerin, tea tree oil amongst other necessary ingredients to nurture healthy hair.

Contains no mineral oil or petrolatum.

Zaynelane Spraymix is a must for anyone on a healthy hair journey!

Get yours now to slay your healthy hair journey!

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