Texlax Aftercare

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Hi guys,

This is the concluding part of my Texlax series- Texlax aftercare explains what occurs immediately after texlaxing is done.

Prior texlaxing, I fortify my hair and prepare my scalp for the chemical process with the use of an intense protein treatment.

I have broken my regimen into daily activities so you are able to see how I care for my hair after texlaxing in Week 1.

Day 1 – Applied Shea Moisture JBCO Leave in Conditioner with Softsheen Carson Moisturizing Lotion and sealed with KTC Almond Oil to lock in that moisture

texlax aftercare 1
Moisture Trio!!!

Day 2 – Spritzed with Zaynelane Hydrate Spraymix then I applied Keracare Leave in Conditioner and sealed with Everymum’s Coconut oil

texlax aftercare 2
Moisture Moisture Seal

Day 3 – Gave myself a well deserved scalp massage then spritzed hair and scalp with Zaynelane Spray mix

Day 4 – Cowashed with Xpel Hair Care Revitalizing Coconut Water Hydrating Conditioner, finger detangled, spritzed with Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer, applied a little Keracare Butter Cream then sealed with a mixture of Shea Butter with Keracare Conditioning Crème Hairdress for extra sass and shine!

texlax aftercare 3
Cowash, Moisturizing and Sealing slayers!

Day 5 – Spritzed with Zaynelane Spraymix and that was it!

Day 6 – Had a full wash day, prepood for 30 minutes with Honey and Coconut Oil, clarified with Mane n Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo, Green Tea rinsed, Hot oil treatment for 30 minutes with Honey, Shea Butter and Zaynelane Natural oil mix. My hair was still so soft geez blow dried and flat ironed my hair whoop whoop

texlax aftercare 5
Hot Oil Treatment!!!

Yo look at my hair!

texlax aftercare 667
whoooooosh that hot oil treatment was amazing!

Another shot!

texlax aftercare
Look at that curl pattern!

Day 7 – My hair was still super soft and moisturized courtesy my treatment the previous day so all I did was put my hair in a bun!

texlax aftercare 7
Protective styling at its best!

It’s important to keep your hair super moisturized during and after texlaxing/relaxing as the hair is vulnerable at the stage.

If you didn’t apply an intense protein treatment before texlaxing/relaxing, this is the best time to do so to strengthen your hair.

This process works for my hair and I love it oh so much!

Remember to pamper your hair like a baby during/after texlaxing or relaxing.

Gotta run,

Have a fantastic weekend

Tea, Kisses and Love,

Lewy Lews hehe x

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