Texlax Update 24th December 2016

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Hey ladies,

One of my 2017 hairesolutions is to be consistent with this blog- more frequent posts *AMEN* I will do better 🙂 🙂 🙂

After a stressful 23-week stretch, I threw in the towel and texlaxed my hair last year (I texlaxed thrice last year).

As a healthy hair junkie on a budget, I couldn’t come to terms with texlaxing in a salon when I had been texlaxing/relaxing for others besides my account wasn’t exactly shinning bright like a diamond so I decided to self-texlax at home.

I enlisted the help of my cousin and I was ready!


This time, I modified my texlax process slightly for optimum results.

  • Sectioned my hair into 6. Four at the front and two at the back for easy manipulation.
  • Detangled my hair with Vo5 Conditioner and some random conditioner I found. I hadn’t combed my hair for 2 weeks, I had a lot of new growth and I wanted to avoid a bruised scalp so had to be tender and thorough at the same time.
texlax 23
Love this Kiwi Lime squeeze and it smells like a delicious smoothie!
  • Based my hair from root to tip with Every mum’s virgin Coconut Oil then covered my edges with Castor Oil to prevent any burns or irritation.
Look at that new growth!
  • Used ¾ of a jar of Organic Roots Stimulator No Base relaxer (previously used it and it over processed my hair but I was determined to give it another try), mixed with 2 Tsp of KTC Almond oil for under processing.

texlax 241


  • Started with the back, my cousin applied the relaxer to only the new growth with an application brush then I did the same to the front.
  • Smoothened and applied more relaxer till all my new growth was covered. Both steps took about 20 minutes to complete. I did not comb! Combing will result in processed hair aka bone straight hair aka relaxed hair.
  • Rinsed out the relaxer with lukewarm water then used Soulmate Neutralizing Shampoo, worked up to a lather 4 times to neutralize my scalp ie return scalp to its normal pH. PLEASE DO NOT SKIP THIS STEP unless you want your hair to continue processing, leading to side effects like hair loss, scalp irritation amongst others.

texlax 25

    This neutralizing shampoo is the truth and the price was bae!
  • Followed this with a Green tea rinse.
texlax 25
Tea rinse of life!
texlax 25
DIY Store bough moisturizing mix- love it!
  • Rinsed with lukewarm water then followed with a Vinegar rinse (1/4 cup to Apple Cider Vinegar to a bowl of lukewarm water) to ensure any residual relaxer was removed.
  • Let it sit for 5 minutes then did a final rinse.
  • Squeezed excess water with an old cotton T-shirt then air-dried for 10 minutes.
  • Applied leave-in conditioners – Creme of Nature Strength and Shine Leave-in conditioner (LIQUID), Keracare Leave-in conditioner (CREAM) then sealed with ZL whipped shea butter (OIL).
Texlax 234
WHOA Girl your hurr is fleeky

I learned a lesson on this day, your hair might not like a product at first try, give products a chance and DO IT RIGHT, I left the ORS Creme Relaxer in my hair too long the first time I used it so my hair over processed! I did it right this time and I love it!

Soulmate Neutralizing shampoo also had me so excited!

Self-texlaxing was simply amazing! my hair felt soft and I was pleased with the results!

Does anyone else self-texlax?

Hope you enjoyed reading my texlax update even though it’s coming late hehe

Don’t forget to drop a comment below on your texlaxing experiences

Tea, kisses and love,

Lew x

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