Tokyo Diaries : The Umbrella struggle x

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Ayyyy now you can read up on my Tokyo Diaries here *woo hoo*

The feedback from my #zaynelaneTokyodiaries posts on @instagram, have been so great thank yewwwwww!

I honestly thought no one would read my epistles on my new life in Tokyo, Japan but somehow the response has been amazing so thank you guys!

I will try to put up daily posts, TRY oh cause juggling a blog and working full-time izay tuff someteeen  but God gat me *AMEEEEENNN*

Here’s how my day went today…

One of my coworkers fapped my umbrella, umbrella I hadn’t even launched oh HISS so I did what every rational and mature human being would do.

Yuh rain ugh
Raining tins!

• I fapped another person’s umbrella and I felt badder than Cardi B, just for me to get home and the umbrella had holes in it ah ah WHAT SORT OF LIFE IS THIS NA?

• Anyho, I dropped it in the umbrella holder outside my door oya time to go out this morning and SOMEONE FAPPED MY FAPPED UMBRELLA ahhhh I just rolled my eyes and I decided to do what any great Nigerian politician would …

Raining Day in Shinjuku

• I took a BIGGER x NICER UMBRELLA from the umbrella holder and I LOCKED IT IN MY ROOM, we are not playing games abeg it’s a circle of life, brethren!

How cool is this umbrella holder? I like how everywhere in Tokyo has one!
  • So there I was, with a nice and THICK umbrella strolling on the streets of Tokyo in the rain in my cute rain boots hehe and I decided to stop to get something to eat cause I had a training at work at 10am, that’s how I branched Family Mart aka Konbini of life *konbini means a convenience store in Japanese* to get something to eat.
Steady chopping my money kai

• Yea your receipt is in Japanese and know I don’t understand what it means!

Chai £2.40 on top one razz Banana and “penaipul”Tokyo
  • • I’ve been craving fruits like a pregnant woman and the cost of fruits in this Tokyo is not for kids like everyday I rationalize the price I spend on food THEN FRUITS ahn ahn anyho check out the small fruits below oh I said nah bruv when I’m not on a golden diet like my girl, Tiwa Savageeee hehe *Diet is my jam sha*
  • • Ok lemme buy Banana nah before hunger finishes me but check out the price oh what’s so special about that one inside the black thingy eh is it from Garden of Eden or what?
Na wao eku ishe Banana in Black

• Sha, I ended up with Pineapple cubes and a Banana chei because man must chop shiiiii

Breakfast tins!

• I had pancakes I bought last night from another Family Mart (everywhere you look in Tokyo, there are at least 2 Family Marts in each area).

Ahhh these pancakes are heavenly! fluffy with maple syrup x margarine filling ahhh delishhh

• Went for my training and sleep wanted to kill me chei I really need to sort out my sleep patterns, it’s seriously ruining my political career, that’s how I slept off on my computer last night while writing a test -_- even God rested on the 7th day, no?

• Lunch was served during the training Geee thanks Guys!

Hmm this box looks suspect oh

• Guess what I picked the safest things on the menu hmm Omo I still duno what I ate sha, the thing on the top left started like sour cream but it wasn’t so I didn’t eat it, next was seaweed NAHHHH didn’t like it, I loved the pink thing well I ate it cause it was pink *guess my fave color* apparently, it’s Ginger *hian this Is Japanese Ginger na* oh white rice with sesame seeds, shrimp in batter and coleslaw *ehen familiar sturves na I ate to my heart’s satisfaction*

Ahhh the pink thing was delish!

• You see, I’m the least adventurous person with when it comes to food, people seem to think since I’m well traveled *ahem, let me blow my trumpet thanks* ,and so is my stomach -* NOPE, I’M JUST A FUN LOVING BANGA-and-STARCH-PLANTAIN-OKRO-SOUP-CHICKEN babe from Akpegede hehe.

• Sigh long day oh after training, I went home for lay down oh cause I was exhausted NEXT THING it was 6:32pm and I was late for work ahhh ok na let’s not even talk about that one cause I have no words.

•  On my way home, this guy sat beside me was just oozing ah  so I just got up, moved to another seat ahn ahn why would you be oozing like that ahn ahn didn’t he baff?

• Anyho, dinner was Breaded chicken x salad x sesame seeds haha this non-cooking life is costly oh but what’s a girl to do when she ain’t got time to cook? I think I need a rich husband or a chef…..


I wanted pasta for dinner but I remembered a small voice reminding of the greatness of six packs so I settled for my ever reliable chicken hehe. Ose packs loading!

Yay dinnnerr was live! ose fit fam

Hope tomorrow I’m not so tired *sigh*

Let me know what you think of my post by commenting below!

Thank you for reading 🙂

I hope you’re following me on Instagram sha x

Ayyyy there’s just somethings about “pink”

I will still be talking about my hair regimen cause Ive been getting messages about it, feel free to read up on my last hair post here yay Zaynelane is back!


x Lew x

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