Wash Day Chronicles: 23rd July 2016 – Clarify/Protein Day

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I texlaxed on the 15th of July so it was normal to follow up with Wash Day a week later!

Wash Day…hair we go!

  • First of all, had an overnight pre-poo to moisturize and protect my hair from the dryness of the shampoo during Wash Day, with Alberto Vo5 Moisture Milks Moisturizing Conditioner: Strawberries and Cream and Vatika Naturals Black Seed Enriched Oil.
Wash Day 1
Prepoo tools!
  • The following day, I rinsed with cold water then shampooed with my Gentle Clarifying Shampoo from Mane n Tail. I had to clear buildup since I used a no-lye relaxer to texlax which tends to leave mineral deposits that could cause dry and brittle hair.
Wash Day
My fave clarifying shampoo!
  • Next was my liquorice tea rinse. Liquorice root is not only known/used for its medicinal benefits but for scalp treatments, hair loss, hair thinning and cleansing, I don’t like how it tastes but I love how my hair feels after it iThs used as a rinse.
Wash Day Tearinse
Hair cleanser, Liquorice Tea!
  • The Tea stayed in my hair for 5 minutes then I used an old cotton t-shirt to squeeze excess tea.
Wash day rinse 1
Hello soft and textured locks!

My hair was recently chemically processed and I needed to replenish lost nutrients to fortify my hair hence the need for a protein treatment.

This step is very important if you skipped a heavy protein treatment prior texlaxing like me; if you are protein sensitive, henna is recommended substitute.

My rich protein mix was made with ingredients found in my kitchen – coconut cream (prevents shedding, breakage and promotes overall hair health), full cream mayonnaise (strengthens ans nourishes), honey from my village hehe (treats dryness and damage) and lemon (exfoliates scalp and promotes hair growth).

Wash Day 4
Protein overload!
  • Mixed 4 table spoons of coconut cream, 6 table spoons of mayonnaise, 3 teaspoons of honey with half a teaspoon of lemon juice (using more than this will irritate the scalp) in a plastic mixing bowl. While the liquorice tea remained in my hair, I applied this protein mix, covered with cling film then wore my look great heat wrap for 30 minutes. Voila deep condition (the protein edition). This mixture is runny- use more mayo for a thicker consistency and be armed with a towel to protect your face and neck.
Wash day mayo mix
Homemade protein rich deep conditioner!
  • Then I rinsed with lukewarm water then cold water. Hair felt strengthened (hard), just what I was going for!
Wash day rinsei
Check that texture out yo!
  • Followed with a moisturizing leave-in to provide moisture and additional strength as well as help my detangling process without causing breakage. Used my Keracare Leave-in as it assisted in moisturizing and maintained my hair’s elasticity. This is an important step after protein treatments since hair feels hard without any coating.
  • Finally, detangled with a wide-toothed comb; in addition, massaged some of Every Mum’s Virgin Coconut Oil, a penetrative oil to seal in the moisture and nutrients.
Wash day tools
Moisturize..detangle..seal in that order!
  • In conclusion, my hair felt super soft and moisturized yet strong!
wash day airdry
Air dried this baby as usual!
  • Look at that scalp!
Wash day shine
Look at that shine! I just had to touch it!
  • At the end of the day, lost a few strands but hey, that’s normal!


How eventful was your wash day?

Do share.

Tea, love and kisses,

Lewy Lews





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