Wash Day 3

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Last week was a tough one but guess who is back on top like she never left?

If you follow me on IG..seriously, you’re still not following me? OK I’ll pause for you to do so now it’s @zaynelane thank you! I wrote a heart felt post (still side-eyeing myself) but I meant every word! Thank you Girl from Fiji once again, your email meant so much to me:):):) sometimes, when you’re having a tough time, God send little gestures to show you He is watching and you will be fine, so to everyone going through something, there is a God and He always comes through, hang in there *squishy hugs*

Thank you everyone who visits and reads my posts! It means so much to me forreal *insert crying emoticon*

I meant to post this yesterday but I couldn’t cause I was battling with THE WORST COLD EVER. Like I was so sure my nostrils were anticipating winter, ALAS I AM IN LAGOS, NIGERIA!!! So, why was I sneezing and coughing up and down, feeling weak and what not? but MERCY SAID NO! (Mercy was my Grandma’s name hehe) I am healedddd ok I’m still juggling meds but I feel so much better…thanks for asking (in my head you guys care).

On Monday, as my body was dealing with me- my hair had a mind of its own- it was just disgracing me (re picture below). I mean, how can I be preaching the gospel of Healthy Hair when my hair looks and feels like sponge? Hello, from the other side- Blasphemy!

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Sometimes, I just don’t care about my hair then I remember oh HHJ then I treat it like my baby or at least I try. After I got back from Church on Sunday and I took out the pins from my hair, I moisturized with my Spray mix (Holla…get at me for yours)…and that was it so I woke up on Monday morning and my lovely mane was replaced with what I don’t know (I’ll let you give it a name cause I still don’t want to believe that thing belonged to me).

Check out my updo..I just kept putting pins in it until it stayed up.


So yea I had to wash my hair cause it looked like insert word created by you guys* forgive the state of my nails, I was fighting a Cold War with my nose (pun intended).

I washed my hair last week and TREATED it too *OK I didn’t blog about it but this BLOG LIFE IS HUUUUUUURD so yea I promise to be better, by the way, Mizani is the truth okay! So yea my scalp + hair were still clean but looked and felt somehow so what did I do? I CO-WASHED!!!

Co-wash simply means washing your hair with a conditioner finito! It is a gentle form of cleansing one’s hair while retaining its natural oils which regular shampoo strips off. I suggest shampooing hair ONLY when it’s dirty or to clear product buildup FINITO! When I was natural, I co-washed twice a week and it felt soooo good…even tho my hair was only soft on those days but oh well it made a difference! So yea whenever you feel you just need to revive your hair without shampoo (shampoo strips hair off natural nutrients so it should only be done when necessary), my sisters just CO-WASH and be great!

I co-washed with my side chick Palmolive Naturals Conditioner with Aloe Vera and Silk Proteins- I started using this for my weaves years ago cause it was cheap and nice (SHOUT OUT TO POUNDLAND, I miss youuuuuu- come to NIGERIA PLEASE, THANKS IN ADVANCE). It made my weave so soft, lush and all that good stuff then one day I ran out of my Garnier Fructis Conditioner, so I decided to try this and I was like wow HOLD UP, WAIT A MINUTE! Ok I’m being dramatic but seriously I was seriously impressed- so you can use this on your weave and on your hair! It leaves my hair soft and strengthens it at the same time! I got this for 360 Naira (it was actually buy 1 get 1 free so I went crazy and bought 4 then got 4 free! In Nigeria, our stores have the here-today-gone-tomorrow-never-to-be-back syndrome so if you want to attain greatness and NOT miss out on your fave products, my darling whenever you can, BUY. BUY and BUY, you will thank me later!


I added some Big Bee Honey (this name always makes me laugh…would you like some BIG BEE HONEY??? Yeahhhh BIG BEEE, HONNAAAAYYYY! Hehe it was funny to me, okay? Honey is one of the best humectants (it helps in absorbing and attracting moisture), I have low porosity (I will talk about hair porosity is upcoming post)- low porosity means my hair does not absorb moisture easily so I have to use HIGHLY MOISTURIZING products! Honey is also good for shiny and soft hair so if you’re about the soft and silky life (for your hair hehe) GET YOU SOME HONAYYYYYY! Side note- Honey is expensive in this country, I can’t justify spending 800 Naira (£1.80, $2.40) on a 300ml bottle of Honey FOR JUST MY HAIR—why, Nigeria, why? I really miss my Asda, Sainsburys and POUNDLAND AGAIN…please you guys should come to Nigeria, LAGOS* just for me yes just for me!!!


MY main slice—–>MAYONNAISE! WHY? CAUSE I NEED SOME PROTEIN!!!! I stopped buying Hair Cholesterol/Hair Mayonnaise years ago when I tried full cream mayonnaise on my hair and the results were ahhhhhh-maazzzzinnnggg!! Hello good for my belly, good for my hair WIN WIN, ok I don’t eat full cream mayo anymore BOO HOO cause of the calories but THE NUTRIENTS ARE THE BEST FOR YOUR HAIR, BRETHREN!!!!Mayonnaise needs a national holiday yo so when I moved back in January, this year, I went hunting for Mayo for my hair (Yes, hunting, the exchange rate is crippling, prices of EVERYTHING including AIR have increased! SO yea everywhere I went, funny funny prices, I was like Ahn Ahn sisters and brothers but it’s just Mayonnaise oh not Liquid Gold! Anyho I shrugged and bought this Tiffany Original Mayonnaise from a supermarket for I think N680 (£1.50,$2.00). I hate conditioning my hair with raw egg cause it leaves white residue and it makes my hair harder than hardship so Mayo it is for me! Anyone tried this? I love me some Mayo for my hair!!



I mixed all three- Palmolive Conditioner, 1 Table spoon of Honey and 3 Table spoons of Mayo.


I rinsed my hair with warm water then squeezed with an old t-shirt NOT a TOWEL (yea I stopped this years ago- I’ll tell you guys why later- remind me thanks). I used cling film to wrap my hair—shower caps just waste product well when you’re conditioning so I always use cling film so it traps all the yummy goodness!


Getting my blogger swag on!Forgive the state of my nails in the pictures, I was fighting a Cold War with my nose (pun intended) and a change of polish was the last thing on my mind.


Used my LookGreat Heat Wrap which has gel inserts that can be microwaved for 1 minute or boil water and insert the 3 gel packs for 5 minutes, put back in your wrap and wear! I love it cause it’s convenient! Totally love it, I made my friend, Tee (heyyyy girlie) and sister (Heyyy AG) fall in love with this product too! I got mine in London from Amazon.

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SO yea wore the wrap for 30 minutes so my hair could achieve greatness and softness!

I rinsed with warm water (more like hot water cause my nose was still misbehaving) and tied my hair with an old-cotton T-shirt!

After my finger detangling, I sectioned my hair into 8


Then I applied some Luster’s S-Curl “No Drip” Curl Activator Moisturizer so my curls could be moisturized and pop (I’m practicing for when I’ll fully Texlaxed and my hurr will be coily whop whoop– this product is a great moisturizer particularly if you don’t want a heavy product and it provides natural shine oh and is suitable for daily use! Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner is the truth okayyy? This is a protein product that helps with breakage- it has a silky feel! YOU NEED THIS PRODUCT YO!!! Aphogee Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is another protein product which strengthens and repairs while infusing softness, it is Alcohol-free too, WIN WIN WIN!!! I mixed all 3, applying to my scalp and hair (MASSAGE)



Then I detangled with my combs ( I LOATHE THIS PROCESS UGH..this is the only time I comb my hair…


I sealed with my fave Virgin Coconut Oil from Every Mums Maternity Apparel get it hereusually I alternate oils, sometimes Coconut Oil, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sweet Almond Oil or Grapeseed Oil but I forgot my Sweet Almond Oil in the abroad (yeah it’s more dramatic writing + saying IN THE ABROAD) so yea Coconut Oil to the rescue and it’s made in Nigeria so HEY HEY HEY!!!

After I massaged and sealed, I put each one into a rubber band so it could dry easily, I ONLY AIR DRY MY HAIR— I use my hand dryer maybe once a year or so!


Had a lot of split ends ughhhhh I will trim my hair when the only person I trust with my hair in this country returns, till then I shall be battling with my ends like this!!


Then I left my hair to dry!!!

Want to know how I styled my hair after it was dry?

Follow me on instagram to find out hehe!

PS: SHOUT OUT to the realest MVP..my 6 year old Nephew who was my designated photographer for the day:):):)

Tea, Love and Kisses,



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