Wash Day 4

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One of the amazing things about living in Nigeria *drum roll*


Shout out to my Nation yo!

Well appreciated and needed!

The weekend was liveeeeeeeeeeee!

Lemme jump right into my wash day tales!

Usually, wash day for me falls between Friday-Saturday

However, I had plans for the weekend and I knew wash day would not take place if I didn’t do it on Friday

Anyho, I planned on pre-pooing (read here for more) on Thursday night but I slept like a baby and got up on Friday morning -_-

HMMM but I still needed to infuse moisture into my dry hair before cleansing *sigh*

Hot Oil Treatment to the rescue!

A Hot Oil Treatment involves the use of natural oils (sometimes an essential oil is added to the mix) to open hair cuticle and infuse moisture. This treatment is excellent for dry hair and those of us with low porosity (hair has difficulty absorbing moisture..will write a post on this soon).

The type of oils used is dependent on preference and what you feel your hair needs.

I made a concoction of Castor Oil, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Olive Oil  and Tea Tree Oil.

Feel free to use this as a guide to decide what may be best for your hair.

Castor Oil: This thick oil does wonders for dry hair. It is highly moisturizing while making hair longer, thicker and stronger.

Coconut Oil: Excellent for moisturizing the scalp, repairing split ends and all that healthy goodness our hair craves.

Sweet Almond Oil: Great for moisturizing the scalp and fighting dandruff.

Olive Oil: Highly moisturizing and protecting ends from breakage.

Tea Tree Oil: Amazing for dry scalp, treating dandruff, promoting hair growth and added  yummyness.


I mixed 2 tablespoons of each oil in the bottle above (couldn’t find my applicator bottle) then added 3 drops of Tea Tree Oil.

Placed the bottle inside a bowl of boiled water until the oil warmed up.

Tested the oil on my wrist to confirm it wouldn’t burn my scalp.

Sectioned my hair into 4,massaged the mixture into my scalp and ends.

Covered my hair with cling film then my Look Great Heat Wrap for 15 minutes

Rinsed and shampooed with my main squeeze- Creme of Nature Argan Oil Shampoo

Followed closely with a Black Tea Rinse.

This was my first time using Keracare and my hair ABSOLUTELY loved it!

Didn’t rinse the tea out of my hair usual, just squeezed out the excess water then applied my deep condition mix.

Mixed some Keracare Intensive Restorative Masque, Keracare Humecto Creme Conditioner and some Mayonnaise for my deep condition.


I love the pump, it’s so convenient!

Added some of this creamy goodness (moisture) into my condition mix.I love that it is economical, buy and have peace of mind for a while, instead of always having to buy conditioners in small quantity, this mini tub saves the day and your pocket in the long run..


Credit: Amazon


Voila, put all 3 in a mixing bowl then applied to my scalp, roots and hair while massaging. I was going to work that day so yea I used cling film to wrap my hair then tied my deep conditioning pashmina on my head.

The deep conditioning hustle is real yo!


Yea I went to work with conditioner in my hair hehe perks of working in a salon!

Sat under the low heat steamer (my first time in 3 years haha don’t ask) for 10 minutes or so (should be longer but I wasn’t keen on staying under a dryer, also Lagos heat already helped in deep conditioning it for me by providing me with unlimited sunlight.

After deep conditioning, rinsed with warm water then cold water.

Used my old t-shirt to squeeze excess water from my hair then applied some Keracare Leave-in Conditioner to soften and nourish my hair.


Woo hoo this Keracare Oil moisturizer is the truth yo! I used a little on my hair and it was simply amazeeeeeeeeen!


Then, I air dried my hair then chopped off some relaxed ends again haha I totally hate having two-textured hair, just the straight ends annoy me so I decided to chop most of them off! Still have some in front but I can’t wait to texlax soon, so my hair can stretch then I can chop em all until I’m fully TEXLAXEDDDD!


Look at my curl pattern!

SO happy with the outcome!

Keracare has found a believer yo!

I love how after my deep condition, I retained volume and my hair was/is so soft!


For daily styling, I’ll just spray my hair with either Refresh, Hydrate or Soothe Spraymix by Zaynelane, depending on what my hair needs, then off I go.

Low maintenance hair over here!

Big hair don’t care!!!

I have left my hair out for too long so need to get twists again or something.

We’ll see

Have a fantastic monday,

Tea, Love and Kisses,


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