Wash Day 5!

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Hey ladies,

I know its been forever!

I’m sorry for the silence


OK I chopped off my relaxed ends so yea

Just have some left to chop off (front hair) but yea I love it

Hmm so last week…after my wash day, I turned up and ruined my hair ahhhhhhh!

If you live in Lagos, you know how the scene is *FILLED WITH SMOKE*

Ugh so non-smokers like me suffer hmm all because of good music *sigh*

So after my wash day, I had to wash again -_-

Please if you plan on turning up, don’t bother with wash day before..it’s a TOTAL WASTE!

Anyho, here’s how it went down…

I pre-pooed overnight with my usual suspects (Palmolive Naturals Milk &Honey for dry hair ; Palmolive Aloe Vera & Silk Proteins (emptied one then continued with the other) and my Vatika Naturals Black Seed Oil (I love this oil even though it has paraffinum liquidum after this bottle, I will search for an organic one till then I shall continue using it hehe.


On saturday, I cleansed and clarified with Mane n Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo (I clarify once a month- usually at the end of the month. Same clarifying shampoo I use year in year out:). Read more on clarifying here


Rinsed with warm water then continued with my Black and Liquorice Tea Rinse (2 black tea bags and 1 liquorice  root tea bag in boiling water..let cool then rinse). Black Tea rinse reduces shedding while strengthening and thickening hair also gives hair a natural rich color while Liquorice Root Tea soothes dry scalp, stimulates hair growth and revives dull hair.


Used an old cotton t-shirt to squeeze out excess tea then I applied a mix of Honey, Keracare Humecto, Keracare Intense Restorative Masque, Kanechom Mixed Fruit Conditioner and Mayonnaise. Ever since I chopped off my relaxed ends, I have just battled with lack of moisture (hello low porosity), so I have reduced the use of protein on my hair drastically cause I didn’t need it hence the use of more moisture conditioners (read my next post on conditioners for more info).


After I was done massaging my hair with my DC mix, I remembered to take a picture hence the damp hand. Put the leftover mix in the fridge (don’t ever toss your conditioning mixes, you can use it later).


Wore my Look Great Heat Wrap with the mix in my hair for 2 hours or so.

Rinsed with lukewarm then cold water.

Check out scalp and new growth! Holla texlaxed girl!


Applied some Keracare Super Reconstructor as I felt my hair was dry- it made my hair stiff so I mixed Elasta QP Olive Oil & Mango Butter Leave-in Conditioner, Keracare Leave-in Conditioner to strengthen, soften and moisturize my hair then I sealed in all the yummyness with my Zaynelane natural oil mix (I have been working on this oil for the longest time, can’t wait to introduce it to you guys hehe).


Left to air dry!

After my turn up- my hair felt and looked like sponge ugh I was so angry particularly as I had already done wash day hmm

After contemplating, I decided to treat my hair to revive it

I cleansed with Mizani True Textures Curl Balance Sulfate-free Shampoo then used an intensive moisturizing conditioner- Mizani True Textures Curl Replenish (Mizani created a range solely for textured hair “True Textures”-get on it guys, it’s a yummy range OK I have tried just a few products and all I can say is WOW, in a short while since I started my Mizani hairexploration, I can truly say I am in love. After deep conditioning (sat under a dryer for the first time in 3years woo hoo! felt good yo but I would take my heat cap anytime anyday shiiii who has time to sit under the dryer ERRRR not me!) I rinsed with lukewarm then cold water, – t-shirt dried my hair then applied Mizani Butter Rich for that soft and silky feel! Love it!


I am a product junkie so I’m not loyal to any brand long as my hair loves it I’m sold!

Side bar- if you’re in Nigeria and you’re interested in purchasing Mizani products, gimme a shout, I gat chu!


Hmm if you asked me last year if I would chop off my relaxed ends, I would have rolled my eyes cause I wasn’t sure if I wanted relaxed hair or texlaxed hair so I was ok with both

I enjoyed the rapunzel life ah well I hated dealing with two textures, my texlaxed hair was thick and yummy but my relaxed hair was limp and annoying! It used to frustrate my life, detangling would take forever and I was not cut out for spending my destiny, detangling eh

So yea I kept trimming after every deep condition but sometime last week, I just told the stylist to chop em all- he looked at me and said ahn ahn madam this hair long oh, I just said sha cut it!

Which is what he did and I love my new length!

Afraid to chop off your hair? Lemme inspire you, it’s just hair, it will grow back healthier and yummier, long as you care for it ok?

I am loving it ta na na na!

Tea, Love and Kisses,

Lewy Lews hehe


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