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Wash Day Chronicles: 15th April 2017 – Henna Day!

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Wash day saturday was a little different as I decided to apply Henna!

Henna is a plant that has been around for ages and is known for its natural properties- hello natural dye!!!

Henna is an excellent substitute if your hair is protein sensitive- it dries out hair also so you must follow with moisturizing products!

Henna Day…hair we go!

  • The night before my treatment, I mixed Henna with hot water, a dash of Cinnamon and lemon juice (you need an acidic substance to activate the mix and I like the smell of lemon in my hair).
  • Next step involved mixing into a thick paste and covering the bowl with clin film overnight.
henna wash day

Yay Henna!!!

  • The following day, I rinsed hair in lukewarm water (2 parts hot, 1 part cold) before my prepoo to open my pores and clear mini product build up.
  • Then I applied Petals Instant Conditioner, ZL Natural Oil mix with Carrot and ZL Onion Oil Blend to my scalp and hair for a super moisturizing pre-shampoo.
henna wash day 2

Prepoo slayers!!

  • After rinsing out my prepoo with lukewarm water, shampooed with Creme of Nature Moisture and  Shine Shampoo
henna wash day 3

Freshly shampoo’d and ready to slay wash day

  • Followed with a T-shirt drying to squeeze excess water then left my hair to air dry
henna wash day 5

Air dried!!!

It literally takes my hair 5 minutes to dry lol dry hair problems

  • Proceeded to section my hair for detangling
henna wash day 6

Couldn’t be bothered with my butterfly clips hence the knots

  • Then I applied henna to hair, tied clin film with and waited for 3.5 hours hmm
henna wash day 6

Ayyyyyyy see my hair oh

Got tired of waiting as I had a million and 1 things to do!!

UGH Henna is super messy huh sigh I wish it wasn’t messy ah well

henna wash day 7

sigh things we do for our hair sha

  • Finally, rinsed with lukewarm water then applied Petals Instant Conditioner then rinsed again!!! Oh T-shirt dried- air dried- moisturized and sealed .
henna wash day 9

Hiss after 3.5 hours still no color na wa o

I know you’re meant to follow with a deep moisture treatment but after my Henna application I was tired anyho my hair felt stronger despite the minimal color lift.
You can henna your hair as many times as possible- I will keep trying till I get my burgundy hair color naturally.
Hope enjoyed my wash day chronicles: henna day post!!!
Tea, kisses and love,
Lew x
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