Why does your hair need a Spray bottle?

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Hi Guys,

It’s MONDAY!!!!

Poof the weekend is gone boo hoo

The weekend was too turnt for me

My body is still recovering

Cheers to a new week!!!!

As you slay this week- set targets and smash em please do not neglect your hair!!!

Need to moisturize daily?

Need to nourish your hair without stressing yourself?

Don’t have time to use products as it’s time consuming?

Just lazy about taking care of your hair in general?

Look no further…


1-IMG_2681These are 2 of 3 of my fave spray bottles- I have different bottles with different mixes hehe. I actually bought the bottle on the left at the Gardening Aisle, it was cute so hey!

A spray bottle or in my case spray bottles saves lives!

Let’s be sincere,  sometimes buying hair products can be a little annoying cause you blink and voila EMPTY!! Particularly, leave-in conditioners and moisturizers; it takes forever for Oils to finish since we require little at a time (say no to greasy scalp).

Imagine having a weave or braids and you want to moisturize your scalp yeah its annoying well for me it is, my spray bottles overcome these problems for me.

Spray bottles are important for EVERYONE- whether you don’t care about your hair or you love your hair like your baby, get a spray bottle and use it!

Simply dilute your fave leave-in conditioner or moisturizer with water and don’t forget to add a few drops of your carrier or essential oil (you must use a carrier oil with this) for added yumminess.

I have done this religiously for years and I have no regrets, spray bottles help maximize the effectiveness of products, when mixed with water, you are hydrating and cleansing your scalp at the same time.

Don’t forget to wash your spray bottles, simply use a mixture of water and soap (I use any Anti-bacterial handsoap I lay my hands on) shake for 1 minute and rinse.

Don’t know how to make yours or unsure for what to add in your spray bottle? Let me help you hehe

Recently, I introduced my instagram followers to my spray mixes, they’re specially formulated mixes to Refresh, Hydrate and Soothe. Currently, there are 3 mixes, created to combat dryness,promote hair growth, eliminate frizz, nourish scalp, cleanse and prevent itchy scalp at the same time. They come in two sizes- 250 ml and 500 ml.

Distilled water is a key component of all three spray mixes as water is the best moisturizer of all time. They contain carrier oils such as 100% Coconut Oil which keeps the hair well hydrated by locking moisture. providing oxygen to the scalp and follicle hence promoting hair growth. Essential oils such as Tea Tree Oil which prevents dry scalp and dandruff, these spray mixes have the yummiest ingredients and I am so excited to share my mix with you guys.

Refresh spray mix eliminates frizz, softens and conditions.

1-FullSizeRender-2Hydrate spray mix moisturizes, nourishes scalp, combats brittle hair while adding strength to hair.

1-FullSizeRender-3Soothe spray mix stimulates hair growth, prevents dry and itchy scalp and unblocks hair follicles.


Anytime, I have my hair in cornrows or braids, my spray mix is never far from me particularly as I don’t wash my hair when its in long braids, using my spray mix keeps my scalp clean and moisturized, so that when I take my hair out, it is not smelly or tangled.

The feedback so far has been so amazing and I want to thank each and every one who has purchased a bottle or 3 hehe and I hope your hair enjoys these spray mixes the way mine does. If you’re interested in any of my spray mixes, please feel free to email zaynelane@gmail.com


Ensure you have a spray bottle handy when on the go so you can feed your hair. Most spray bottles come in plastic and can be very annoying when you carry them around cause they get dented or old or somehow looking which is why I leave my big spray bottles (plastic) at home and I have a cute one to carry around with me (Aluminum), it is stylish, convenient and practical – WIN WIN WIN!!

1-Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.20.32 PMYou know Zaynelane has got you covered right? Zaynelane has 200ml Aluminum spray bottles for sale, WHOOP WHOOP, I carry mine with me everywhereeeee, it is a life saver, everyone needs a Zaynelane sprayer (currently comes in Gold and. Please email me if you’re interested in placing an order.

1-Screen Shot 2016-04-09 at 1.19.52 PMI just love how compact this spray bottle is!

A Spray bottle is an essential part of a Healthy Hair Journey!

For extra nourishment, leave your spray bottle in the fridge- shake and spray when needed. The cooling sensation does wonders, I tell you!

Don’t sleep on this!

Trust me, you need this!

My fellow spray bottle lovers, say heyyyyy and please share your experiences below.

Have an amazing week!

Tea, Kisses and Love,




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