The Zaynelane 2016 Awards Edition!!!

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Happy new year ladies!!!

Welcome to The Zaynelane 2016 Awards Edition!!!

This post contains products that made my hair year or NOT- see how incorporate these products into my healthy hair journey here.

Texlaxed thrice, used heating tools 4 times, moisturized and sealed every other day or at least I tried to, washdays were hectic sometimes, experienced some breakage then had a mini chop in May, spent less on hair products! Ultimately, 2016 was indeed a good hair year!

Let’s get to the awards *applause*

Hair we go!

  • Best Instant/Rinse- out Conditioner

My hair swears by Alberto vo5 Moisturizing Conditioners: Moisture Milks! This range is not only super affordable (N850) but also leaves my hair feeling and looking silky. I use this conditioner in conjunction with oils for my prepoo and cowash and my hair loves it! However, I wish these came in bigger sizes so they would last longer- for instance, as a result of my coarse and long hair, a bottle currently lasts only 2 washes.

zaynelane 2016 awards
Moisturizing conditioner of life!
  • Best Moisturizing Shampoo

Crème of Nature Argan Oil from Morocco Shampoo hands down is my favorite cleanser! To put it differently, when my hair feels dirty/dull, I reach for it, sometimes I clarify with it too as it is that good. This is my second year using this shampoo and my hair/pocket has no regrets! In addition, it smells amazing and lathers really well for a sulfate-free shampoo!Oh super moisturizing shampoo!!

zaynelane 2016 awards
Absolute cleanser!!!
  • Best Clarifying Shampoo

Another hair favorite is Mane n Tail Gentle Clarifying Shampoo. Whenever my hair needs an extra oomph, clean and clear scalp or to clear build up from dirt and styling products, this is my go to shampoo! I clarify once every month and this shampoo leaves my hair super clean and soft without feeling stripped. Not to mention, this shampoo does what it says – gently clarifies!

zaynelane 2016 awards
Clears build up!!
  • Best Moisturizing Deep Conditioner

Kanechom deep conditioners are a must-have! I love their ingredient lists, SIZE, UNIQUE VARIETY, packaging and best of all PRICING. Kanechom Manteiha De Karite Shea Butter Moisturizing Cream understands my hair!!! This is another favorite year in and out but it is not sold in Nigeria *sad face* All I need is to mix this goodness with 2 TSP of any oil of my choice, wear my heat cap for 45 minutes then rinse!! Hello moisturizing locks!!

zaynelane 2016 awards
My faveeeeeeee!!!

Picture Credit: Ebay

  • Best Moisturizing Leave-in Conditioner

Detangling is my least favorite activity on washday, if only this step could be skipped but it can’t, as texlaxed hair is prone to more tangling than relaxed hair as a result of dryness. Keracare Leave-in Conditioner is a triple threat that makes my washday bearable- it moisturizes, detangles and softens. Additionally, it doubles as my daily moisturizer as it also contains sunscreen. Notwithstanding, I would have preferred it came with a pump for convenience instead of  having to turn the bottle upside down and squeeze. I would still recommend it for anyone struggling with dryness.

zaynelane 2016 awards
Super leave-in!
  • Best Protein Leave-in Conditioner

Aphogee provides this ultimate strengthening treatment to not only add volume but also protect and repair. The Keratin & Green Tea Restructurizer is an amazing hair treatment that I highly recommend particularly if your hair is chemically processed (texlaxed, relaxed or texturized) or colored.

zaynelane 2016 awards
  • Best Daily Moisturizer

Luster’s S-Curl No Drip Curl Activator Moisturizer is a must have! It moisturizes, conditions and softens my hair. It contains ingredients essential for healthy hair such as Water, Glycerin, Argan Oil, Olive Oil to nourish, hydrate and strengthen! I love that is non-greasy and excellent for all hair types moreover it comes in two sizes – 355ml and 710 ml.

zaynelane 2016 awards
Hair saver!
  • Best Oil Moisturizer

Keracare Oil Moisturizer is creamy and provides ultra hydration in addition it contains healthy ingredients like Jojoba oil, Castor oil, Sesame seed oil which conditions, provides sheen and protects hair.

zaynelane 2016 awards
Oil moisturizer!!!
  • Best Oil(s)

KTC Almond Oil, Every Mum’s Coconut Oil and ZL Natural Oil Mix. These oils are staples in my regimen- enhancing my pre poo, deep conditioning, sealing, protecting my edges and scalp. These oils not only nourish my scalp and hair; they also provide sheen and act as a protective layer. None of that petrolatum or mineral oil ish here!!

zaynelane 2016 awards
My hair lovessssss!
  • Best Relaxer

Earlier in the year, I had used this relaxer and got a few burns, for this reason, so I swore off it however I decided to try another relaxer so I texlaxed with Vitale Oil Anti-breakage No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer, my hair felt great at first but after a few weeks, my hair got drier than normal. I decided to give ORS Olive Oil Crème Relaxer No-Base Formula another chance and I didn’t regret it!I am proud to announce this is the only product on this list, containing petrolatum and mineral oil! Go healthy hair!!!

zaynelane 2016 awards
ORS Olive Oil Creme Relaxer
  • Best Edge Control(s)

In 2016, I finally got into the edge control frenzy! I love Eco Styler Argan Oil – comes in variety like Olive Oil, Protein; super cheap (you’re welcome), holds edges in place (talking 3 days straight and it doesn’t feel crunchy although I noticed some flakes on the third day). Mizani Edge Taming Gel is not pocket friendly but keeps edges well moisturized and intact!

zaynelane 2016 awards
Edge slayers!
  • Best Go-to-product

Zaynelane Hydrate spray mix is my hair’s saving grace, as a matter of fact, I have been spritzing my hair with this concoction since I started my hair journey and of course I love it! I formulated this mix for people like me who are sometimes lazy with the whole moisturize-seal deal, it is best suited for hair in braids or plaits!

zaynelane best of 2016
Life saver!!!
  • Best Protective Style

Two French braids aka mantin for my Naija peeps! I love this protective style because it is cheap to make (haha I make mine myself), easy to maintain- moisturizing and sealing is a piece of cake (thanks to my spraymixes)! All I need is to cleanse my hair then use my ZL Spray mix and off I go! I was extremely lazy with my wig regimen furthermore it didn’t help that I left my wigs in the UK before moving back to Nigeria last year -_-

zaynelane 2016 awards
Go to style!!
  • Best Brand

I hardly use products from the same brand – I like variety and trying different brands on my hair to find out what works for me but so far so good, Keracare has catered to my hair needs! Honestly, Keracare is not cheap- for a budget healthy hair junkie, it costs an arm and a leg besides the exchange rate is not encouraging but let’s see how the new year and my pocket unfolds *ahem*

zaynelane 2016 awards
  • Best Good-Enough-To-Eat-Good-Enough-For-My-Hair-Too

If you follow my instragram account, you will notice how I rave about mayonnaise! I stopped buying protein deep conditioners to save money years ago; in like manner, my hair loves this stuff- it helps my strands stay strong yet soft. Looking for strong and healthy hair? Get some mayonnaise and coconut cream/milk for your protein treatments!

zaynelane 2016 awards
Protein treatments! 

Soft hair has been an ultimate goal of mine and moisture is essential for any healthy hair journey. Honey is an excellent humectant as it helps in attracting moisture to my hair; furthermore, honey makes wash days worth it as it coats my hair with necessary nutrients! Anytime I deep condition, I add at least 2 TSP of raw Honey!

zaynelane 2016 awards

The NOT-so-great…

These two products failed my hair and I will not be making repeat purchases, these products are not bad products, they just did not work with my hair.

  • Worst Leave-in Conditioner

Got this leave-in conditioner because I had heard so many good things about it and boy was I disappointed as this was my first Shea Moisture purchase- it didn’t live up to its hype for me. I have coarse hair so every time I needed to use it, I had to mix it with an additional leave-in conditioner (thicker) or moisturizer; moreover for a product that should be used often, it did not do anything great for my hair besides it wasn’t cost effective for me so I won’t be buying this again.

zaynelane 2016 awards
Too light for me and not as moisturizing
  • Worst relaxer

Vitale Oil Anti-Breakage No-Lye Conditioning Relaxer dried out my hair and it was so disappointing as I have been a long fan of their serum.

zaynelane 2016 awards
Left my hair extra dry!

Picture Credit: Google

Hope you enjoyed The Zaynelane 2016 Awards Edition!!!

What were your best and worst hair products for 2016?

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Tea, Kisses and Love,

Lew x

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