Z’ello 2018

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Can’t believe January is almost over!

Could’ve sworn, just last week we just exchanged Christmas greetings and what not!

Well here we areeeeeeee!!!

I’m not going to sugar coat it AT ALL! 2017 was extremely bleh for me- with it’s own rare share of adventures…HIGHS and WTFs -__-

Mid last year, I felt drained so I stopped blogging, working out, talking to anyone- you catch my drift.

I felt so alone

Social media became a chore; so much I contemplated shutting down my blog and instagram accounts :'(

Le sigh

Adulthood oh Adulthood

This thing called “Adulthood” is the biggest scam ugh I miss the times when I had nothing to worry about *shout out to our parents who handled everything like bosses*

Slowly, things have started panning out…*hey God, thanks for smiling down on your baby girl*

Thank you to everyone who reached out to me *I appreciate you all so much* your unwavering support means so much to me!

If you’re dealing with stuff, take a break to breathe- do not force it, your sanity is all that counts at the end of day, boo so breathe, stretch, shake, let it go hehe

You will come back refreshed *hey, optimism goes a long way*

Clears throat

In this new year, I will be intentional in everything I do *so help me God* and I am starting by switching the direction of my blog…I will not only be writing posts on hair *my first love* but other things I am fascinated with, such as travel, food, fashion…welcome to the Zaynelane Lifestyle baby!

Look out for guest posts too *yay* on cool topics!

I am still trying to navigate the blogging lifestyle and I hope I don’t fall by the way side again

I am happy to be back and taking new strides by writing thrice a week blog posts, as the past chair person of Procrastinator’s Anonymous, this is a huge step *pats back*.

Lehh go!

Cheers to 2018 *Gr8teen hehe*,

Lew x

Looking into 2018 like…


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